Digital Price List

  • Fully Sculpted

    These models are sculpted by hand before scanning, our best looking digital models. They look flawless.


  • Economy

    These models are lightly hand sculpted to shape and the teeth picked before scanning.


  • Rough Cut

    These models are not cleaned up or sculpted at all, the nicer your impressions are the nicer the digital models will look.


  • Base Less Models

    These are rough-cut digital models without angular bases. No sculpting or picking of the teeth.


  • How it works

    Send us impressions that we will pour and fabricate into a set of study models. These models will then be scanned and the image converted to a digital file that will be ready for you to download or view on your computer via the Internet using our FREE ortho-graphics software. You can access your models from any computer using your passwords. We also store a copy of these files.

    Take impressions in the usual way, we suggest any good quality alginate. Using plastic disposable impression trays will eliminate return shipping charges for metal trays. Wrap them in a damp paper towels and seal in a plastic bag along with an accurate wax bite. Fill out a prescription form for each patient’s impressions but do not place in bag with the impressions.

  • Shipping

    We have several shipping options for you to choose from depending on your volume, preference, and proximity to our lab located in NJ. For example: you can ship any quantity of impressions in one package with our prepaid UPS return labels for a fixed cost of only $7.50. Packing as many sets per package as feasible will minimize your shipping costs. Please contact us for UPS labels. If you only have 1 or 2 sets of impressions you can mail it in a small box with our First Class postal labels for between $3.00 to $5.00 depending on zone and weight

  • Returned Plaster Models

    Many customers would like to have plaster models returned in addition to the digital models. We can return the original models used to create the scan for a slight additional fee: $7.50 un-polished or $9.95 polished plus return shipping. This must be specified on the lab slip at the time of the original order.